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Jess Martin


Jess Martin is a playwright, producer, and avid production manager as well as very proud co-founder of Queer Soup. She's been working in the Boston theater community for the past seven years from behind the scenes (literally, she served as wall puppeteer in the first Women on Top Festival) to her own work being performed. In 2005, she has been awarded a Massachusetts Cultural Council Artist's Grant for her play "My Yolanda Love."

She is a graduate of the Masters' Program in Playwriting at Boston University with Derek Walcott and Kate Snodgrass (1997). She received her Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing at the University of Houston where she studied under Bren Dubay and Edward Albee. Her play, "Dancing in the Shadows" received second prize in the University of Houston's Minority Playwriting Competition and "Tomboy" was produced in The Present Company's 2000 New York International Fringe Festival.

Other productions of her work include: "Solitaire" at the Boston Playwrights' Theater (1997); "Lipstick Cigarette" at the Boston Center for the Arts as a part of Threshold Theater's 'Speaking Bravely' Festival (1997); "Girl Crazy" at the Boston Center for the Arts produced by J. Rene Productions (1999); "Interview with the Fifty Foot Woman", "Thursday Night Theory" (1999-2002) produced both by J. Rene Productions and Queer Soup at the Threshold Theater and the Boston Center for the Arts.

Jess co-wrote on Queer Soup original shows "Buffy the Vampire Slayer's High School Reunion" (2002); Citizen Queer (2003); and served as head writer on "Invasion of Pleasure Valley" (2004).

She is looking forward to more writing and producing endeavors to come with a particular bent towards working on more queer historical figures. A big howdy goes out to her family in Texas (who serve as living proof that liberals can be raised there)!

You can email Jess at jess@queersoup.net.