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HOME Booking Information

HOME can be tailored and presented to your school, congregation or organization in a variety of ways. We are committed to finding ways to work with organizations that believe in this show as much as we do. HOME was born from a creative writing exercise and grew to be an incredibly powerful show that strove to create a safe space for varied communities to come together to discuss, educate and hopefully, heal. It is because of its unique power and subject matter that we felt compelled to breathe more life into HOME.


*Home* asks: What does it take to make a man? God? Anatomy? Gender identity is rarely discussed at the dinner table with one's grandparents, and in *Home*, Minister Lulu Edwards lashes out at her family over what she sees as a secret that her grandfather kept from her while he was alive. However, her grandfather never identified as anything other than a man, and so this calls into question, how can his gender identity ever be something he considered hidden? Complicating this revelation, Lulu learns that her new love interest, Kai, is a professional drag king who's own gender identity is a bit more fluid than Lulu can handle. Lulu's grandfather, Pappi, remains a presence throughout the production and it is in her conversations with him that a family can finally heal.




How do I book this FANTASTIC show? Read on to find out a bit more about HOME.

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A DVD of the production is also available for those interested in presenting Queer Soup's HOME.
For the DVD, cost proposals, booking and more info - please be in touch with Renee Farster at renee@queersoup.net