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Queer Soup Theater’s New Play Festival: The Anniversary Series

July, 2007

To enter the festival: Print and fill out the ENTRY FORM and send it in the mail or email with your manuscript to the Queer Soup Festival Director. Be sure and read the rules below.

Attention playwrights and friends of playwrights!

Queer Soup Theater is seeking scripts for its first ever festival of new plays to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Queer Soup’s mission to introduce, unite, and incite audiences by using laughter to smuggle ideas across society's borders. 

Accept submissions via mail or email, send your submission to:

Queer Soup Theater, ATTN: Festival Director, 24 Hopkins Road, Arlington, MA  02476

call: (617) 824-4297

email: festival@queersoup.net


1. Scripts must be standard-sized and legibly typed. Standard Dramatist Guild form is preferred.  Scripts should not have the playwright’s name anywhere in the text or on the title page of the script.  This information MUST only be on the Entry Form.

2. Submissions (one per playwright) may be 5 – 30 minutes long, and MUST be no longer than 30 minutes in length (standard practice states that one page equals 1.5 minutes).

3.  Playwrights must reside in the New England region.

4. Submissions must be queer-oriented (LGBTQA) and address in some way the festival theme of “anniversary.”

5. A play may not have had a previous professional or university production.

6. Scripts are not returnable (unless specifically requested and accompanied with a self-addressed envelope and postage).

7. Enclose a self-addressed stamped postcard if you wish Queer Soup to acknowledge receipt of your script.

8. No children's theatre, full-lengths, or reader's theatre pieces will be considered. Adaptations will be considered only if the adapted work is in the public domain.

9. Plays are limited to 4 actors with minimal set and prop pieces.  Four to six plays will be selected and presented each evening in a festival format, so quick set, prop and costume changes will be strictly enforced to keep the evening within a two hour timeframe.

10. A Queer Soup entry form must accompany each submitted script (see below).

11. Scripts may be submitted from July 1 until October 1, 2006 (receipt date).

12. Selections will be made and winners notified no later than December 31st, 2006. Returnable scripts will be mailed back after the winners have been notified.

13. It is encouraged that selected playwrights be available to visit the festival about a week before opening, so their visit can be arranged to include late rehearsals and the premiere of their play. Festival dates are to be scheduled for July of 2007. The visiting dates are at our discretion. Playwrights, and the directors of their plays, can participate in one post-show question-and-answer session with the audience.  Attendance at the festival is not a requirement for your play to be accepted.

14. Any submissions that do not meet the above criteria will not be considered for the festival.


Yes, you can! Want to help build a set? Work your PR magic? Help us with our benefit performances? Please do!

Email us at info@queersoup.net