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"My Yolanda Love "
July 6 thru July 22, 2006
[ press release ]

MY YOLANDA LOVE drives the dangerous highways and bumpy backroads of the passions of women. Former beauty queen and aspiring poety Mitsy steers a collision course in this bizarre comedy. Trapped in a pink motel room somewhere off Route 66, Mitsy and her childhood friends confront the college professor she's been sleeping with as deep scars and hidden truths bubble to the surface. They discover that passion for someone, or something, isn't always the best thing. Written by Queer Souper Jess Martin, winner of a 2005 Artist Grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

January 13 thru February 4, 2006
[ press release ]

What does it take to make a man? God? Anatomy? Minister Lulu Edwards' faith is shaken with the death-bed revelation that her mentor and grandfather was born biologically female. This Queer Soup original work explores the messy worlds of love, family, faith, desire, gender and even drag kings.

"Invasion of Pleasure Valley"
July 9 thru July 31, 2004
[ press release ] Try a sample: PV 1 PV 2

"Invasion of Pleasure Valley" is an original work from the minds of Queer Soup. Have you ever noticed that it's only when the aliens invade that those quaint little seaside towns really get noticed? Pleasure Valley serves as the quintessential target in which "space invader" takes on a whole new meaning. Suzie Longstaff guides her unsuspecting fellow citizens out of the 1950s suburbs of repression and into the bedrooms of self-satisfaction. Taking a cue from the B-movies of the 50s, "Invasion" presents a comedy of extra-terrestrial proportions in which even the simplest of kitchen tools will elicit a dramatic response from whoever wields it.

"Citizen Queer:  A Guide to Modern Living"  Just a taste now: CQ1 CQ2
June 6, 2003 & October 21, 2003
[ press release ]

Ever wondered where the spork should go on your brunch place setting?  Or what social courtesies apply to the butch in your life?  Get answers to these age-old questions as well as tips on manners, dating and how to survive biological warfare all in one evening's worth of comedic entertainment.  'Citizen Queer' will take you on a journey of good, clean, queer hygiene fun.  Perfect for Pride and all gay occasions!

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer's High School Reunion"  December 6-21, 2002 - You can't resist: BV1 BV2
[ press release / photos ]

While the High School Reunion is often the setting for anxiety in the more mundane parts of small town America, in the Hellmouth-laden world of Sunnydale, audiences can expect more than one twist in this clever parody of the hit TV series.  As imitated by the show's title, Buffy and friends reunite in Sunnydale where there is evil brewing.  Will the evil spike the punch?  Post senior pictures for public display?  Or worse, insist that we all keep in touch?  Buffy and friends will have to confront this and much more when they go back to Sunnydale High.

"Unbound" July 8-26, 2002

An original work by Brian Jewell and Karen 'Mal' Malme is a spoof of the lesbian film noir "Bound" with their own creative bent to Vi and Corky.

"Thursday Night Theory" July 8-26, 2002

An original play by Jess Martin is the incredibly true tale of three girls in love and their high stakes mind-games on Boston's Public Transportation System.

"Instant Queer Soup"  June 17, 2002
[ press release ]

A showcase of theater, comedy, and drag, held at The Boston Center for the Arts.  The program included the original short play, "Interview with the 50 Foot Woman".  Written by Jess Martin, the play is a pastiche of 50's monster movies.  Local comedians Brian Jewell and Karen 'Mal' Malme, aka "The Brian+Mal Show", will be on hand to deliver their own brand of "coed queer comedy."